Scale-up Interview with Vincent Huguet, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Malt

The Future at Work

April 24, 2024

Scale Up Malt

Welcome to this new episode of Scale Up, the interview with a dynamic leader, by Factory!

The Scale Up interview aims to explore the connection between real estate strategy and the hyper-growth of a company, and to reflect on how new ways of working impact offices, through discussions between leaders.

On the mic with Nicolas Micallef is Vincent Huguet, Founder of Malt, the leading freelancing company in Europe, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary!

In this interview, Vincent looks back on Malt's history, the opportunity he seized without realizing he could aim for a billion in revenue in 2024, his vision of the company, and more broadly, the evolution of the world of work.

In detail:

  • 00:00 – The genesis of Malt's story
  • 03:35 – Malt's innovation: a coworking space dedicated to freelancers
  • 04:16 – The hybrid mode: adapting to different work logics to retain talent
  • 07:02 – Rethinking meeting rooms
  • 07:50 – Between international expansion and AI, Malt's future projects

In just ten minutes, you'll understand why integrating real estate into your company's strategy is key to moving fast and far!