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March 29, 2024

Colombus Consulting

When Secondhand Gets a Fresh Start: How to Create Prestigious Offices on the Champs Élysées Using Only Secondhand Furniture.

For over 20 years, Colombus Consulting has been working to develop a model of consultancy with a positive impact. In 2021, they became the largest generalist consulting firm to obtain B Corp certification, before becoming a Mission-Driven Company in France.

This commitment is by no means a hindrance to their growth; with a workforce of 400 employees, they continue to strengthen their teams, particularly by partnering with other consulting firms to expand their scope of intervention.

It is with these two challenges in mind that they came to us:

  • How to arrange more spacious offices to accommodate and bring together a team that keeps growing?
  • And especially how to embody their commitment to a more responsible world in the very layout of their offices?

There was no need to relocate because, by sheer coincidence, a floor above the one they already occupied became available, doubling their workspace. Therefore, we focused our efforts on ensuring that the layout embodied the commitments made by the Group while enabling teams to work in better conditions.

We focused on concrete and essential actions for the comfort of employees, analyzing them all in terms of financial and environmental impact. We refreshed the offices, worked on the reception area, created a relaxation space for employees, and installed acoustic panels. Most importantly, we sourced ALL furniture secondhand, from the reception areas to the desks themselves.

A successful bet for contemporary offices that are as comfortable for teams as they are respectful of the planet!

Colombus Consulting
Colombus Consulting
Colombus Consulting
Colombus Consulting