Factory for Setec Opency.


May 30, 2024

Never two without three, SETEC Opency is the third renovation we have carried out for SETEC, an engineering group that designs and supports complex construction projects in various fields.

This time, the project focused on renovating an 800m2 office space, located between Bercy and Gare de Lyon, in an aging high-rise building. The goal? To revitalize the workspace by transitioning from a closed layout to an open space concept, thereby promoting collaboration and the well-being of the 70 employees. With particular attention to ergonomics, SETEC Opency invested in standing desks to adapt the workstations to the individual physique of each person.

The project emphasized the quality of the furniture, with refined and unique choices, combining white legs and wood-effect tops, as well as furniture elements made with innovative materials, such as oyster shells used in the tea room. Throughout the project, we drew inspiration from SETEC Opency’s profession, highlighting noble materials and colors inspired by the construction universe. We also arranged the spaces to facilitate employee access to the exceptional view of the Seine.

SETEC Opency’s involvement in the design process allowed us to create unique and inspiring spaces, where a sense of belonging to the entity is felt in every detail. With an approach centered on analyzing the core business and specific needs of the employees, SETEC Opency successfully transformed this space into a place where it is good to work, reflecting the company’s identity and values.