Mission Saint Germain des Prés for Marie Lichtenberg!


July 8, 2024

Marie Lichtenberg

Factory's real estate division sometimes works miracles.

It's worth noting that Marie Lichtenberg, the founder of the eponymous jewelry brand, had a precise brief. She wanted to find her new office-showroom space within a 200-meter radius of her home, in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés.

With perseverance, a bit of intuition, valuable contacts, and a stroke of luck, Nicolas Hanart and his team managed to find her the perfect spot: a reception apartment on the first floor of a private mansion, exactly two minutes away from her home on foot.

Two minutes is precisely the time it will take Marie to step out of her shower and head to her new showroom. Maybe this is the new telecommuting!

And to celebrate this mission accomplished in record time, Marie participated in a quirky photoshoot through the lens of Benjamin Loyseau.

The opening is scheduled for October. Stay tuned…

To learn more about Marie Lichtenberg: https://marielichtenberg.com/en/

Marie Lichtenberg
Marie Lichtenberg