MoovOne: Featured in Workplace Magazine.


December 7, 2020

Moovone - Espace de travail

Workplace Magazine, an online publication focused on space and furniture design, features the new offices of MoovOne on its cover this month. This office design project came to life in just 10 weeks. We conducted the research and designed the new offices for the company on a 446m² space.

A natural and wooded space.

The offices serve both as workspaces and meeting places. MoovOne's living space blends with the very bright meeting space thanks to minimalist glass partitions that allow natural light to penetrate. The creative room, designed for hosting, incorporates elements of nature with the presence of greenery and wood, reminiscent of children's treehouses.

In terms of design, the architects chose a predominant color, blue. Wood and metal make up the entire furniture. Wood, a major trend in office design, is paired with velvet, providing a touch of softness and the necessary comfort for employees.

A multifunctional space centered around a common theme: the rope.

According to the wishes of the two founders, the design team incorporated the symbolism of the rope. "In this project, the rope is much more than an object, more than an accessory. It's a link, a means for MoovOne to express itself and connect with the world. Our architectural teams played on the symbolism of the rope to recall MoovOne's primary activity and immerse the visitor in the coaching universe," describes Factory. At times, it creates a dynamic in front of the meeting rooms, playing the role of a partition. At other times, it becomes a marketing element for the company with the logo painted on the ropes.

To learn more about the MoovOne project, check out the article on Workplace Magazine as well as our Success Story.

Moovone dans Workplace
Moovone - Espace de travail