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Testimony of Juliette Levy, CEO of Oh My Cream!

published on June 14, 2019

Discover the testimony and the new head office of Juliette Levy, CEO & founder of the startup Oh My Cream! Factory's goal was to offer a turnkey and tailor-made project ranging from research to site planning. As the company experienced strong expansion in recent months, it needed new offices to cope with the arrival of new talent. The whole project has been designed to be in line with the DNA and the codes of the brand. Thank you Juliette Levy for your trust!

“My name is Juliette, I’m 32 years old and I started Oh My Cream! 6 years ago. It’s an ultra expert beauty concept store, both online and physical, which introduces women to a whole new generation of very clean, very desirable and very effective beauty brands.

Basically the idea was a pure player, therefore an actor exclusively present on the web, who selects the cream of the crop. As we went along, we tested a lot of things, we evolved towards an increasingly clean positioning. And then 2 years ago, our youngest was the own brand Oh My Cream skincare. Formulating her own beauty products is a true little girl’s dream.

Finding offices is a bit of an obstacle course. I admit that for months I searched alone, with a lot of real estate agents and found it very complicated. It’s a real jungle and in fact what I mostly lacked was advice. I needed someone who would help me project myself, for example in a place that at first glance did not look like what I was looking for, to help me negotiate a great rent. In fact it’s a very rare commodity I find, I was a little desperate to find the perfect place, but Nicolas from City Real found it so I’m delighted. It was completely in its original form when we visited it, it was made of plastic partitions and orange carpet, it was really necessary to project yourself, but we made a place that is quite like Oh My Cream !, very refined, very feminine, very modern, very airy.

At the very beginning I was looking for a place where there was absolutely no work, I needed the perfect place directly … I realized that it was very complicated to find, and it is precisely thanks to the help of Nicolas, who showed me before-after of what they could have done with Factory (which effectively managed the works, decoration, interior design part for finally a lot of hyper recognized Parisian startups) that that reassured me. I thought to myself “finally it is doable!” He explained to me in this case, if I agreed to do work, what ultimately should be my research criteria. We came to the conclusion that we just needed a large stage in which I could adjust the spaces. On the idea of ​​the meeting room which uses the codes of our shops, a very friendly kitchen, it is really by working with Adélaide de Factory that little by little over the weeks we have managed to set up a project that be completely like Oh My Cream! and that I couldn’t have imagined on my own at all. “

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