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How to optimize your real estate tool during Covid-19

published on May 4, 2020

At Factory, since our inception, we have made the choice to advise users only and not to remunerate ourselves from lessors, unlike all agents. We are proud of this particularity which gives us real independence, depth of analysis and above all total freedom in our recommendations. Our real estate actions aim to support you in your business project, with exclusive protection of your interests.

In this period, therefore, our point of view differs from many professionals. We are convinced that the user will find the place he deserves: once again becoming the customer of this industry, the main value of a building.

Many of you ask us to know the possible levers in order to better control your real estate costs.


Here are 4 suitable approaches
to achieve your goals

For rapid impacts, freezing rents, like the measures proposed by the Government for certain types of companies, is an option. This benefit will be negotiated over-the-counter with your landlord. It is clearly in his interest to be able to contribute to the preservation of the quality of his tenant’s signature. But, will he have the means?

Finding a sub-tenant is the ideal solution for a business looking for flexibility. The demand for “transitional” places is expected to remain strong. There will be significant competition from many users in comparable situations, but also from professionals in the sector (coworking, service providers) who redouble their efforts to keep their centers fully occupied. The success of this lead will depend, among other things, on the way in which you address your offer, in line with market expectations and practices.

The third approach is the one related to renegotiating your lease. You can benefit from a double effect, namely immediate gains (rental deductible, etc.) and sustainably optimized rents. For significant economic impacts (up to 20% gains in some cases), you will need to provide serious compensation to your lessor such as the extension of your period of engagement.

Finally, have you thought about moving to optimize your real estate costs? Some of you were facing the real estate bubble. In recent months, the transactions were marked by “pro-donor” conditions. The market will rebalance. Most importantly, a new report to the office is being written. We are convinced of it. Some have confirmed that teleworking works. Your expectations, consumption patterns and performance indicators linked to your real estate tool will therefore change; without minimizing the stakes of this key tool in terms of employer brand, productivity and the life of the company. Now is the right time to globally challenge your location.


The range of solutions is therefore rich. Some can be combined. Either way, the strategy implemented will have to be adapted according to your business plan, your current period of engagement and the profile of your donor.

“User advice” will once again become the focus of debate again and the Factory team is fully mobilized by your side to write and implement your strategy!


Long live the user!

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