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So proud to support VYV in its real estate project

published on May 4, 2020

Groupe VYV, 1 st mutualist player in health and social protection in France, will leave its current premises in the Montparnasse tower to create the “common house” of all the group's entities.

Beyond the technical aspects, this project will constitute a new springboard for the group in the evolution of working methods, in the perception given, in the experience provided, but also in the dimension of “forming a group” to contribute to its major ambition: to go further in support as an entrepreneur of better living. Groupe VYV chose a 10,000 m² building in the heart of Paris, delivered in 2021, as part of a BEFA.

Our mission

In order to support Groupe VYV in its ambition, Factory intervenes in 4 stages:

– Assist the group in signing the BEFA,
– Co-construct with the group’s employees their new workspaces in collective intelligence,
– Design agile and sustainable workspaces, meeting the group’s transformation needs,
– Provide the technical interface with the lessor, by putting our expertise at the service of Groupe VYV to optimize the cost of project implementation and operation.

The project

Building a project is an exciting experience. Between the experiential advice, the know-how of the technicians, the creativity of the designers and the vision of the end customer, our job consists in channeling all our energies in the service of the good execution of the final project.

Our expertise is based on a mature methodology where listening and understanding organizations are essential to define the correct specifications of the project. We have organized several workshops aimed at better understanding these objectives.

First of all, employee satisfaction surveys have enabled us to better understand each other’s expectations. We then conducted qualitative interviews with management and elected officials, followed by the organization of a one-day seminar. Finally, the facilitation of collective intelligence workshops enabled teams to reflect on needs and expectations, by bringing out new ideas.

This project is above all a human project, reinforced by the current context, where many reflections on the work environment and new uses are emerging.

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