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FoodChéri featured in OfficeSnapshots

published on March 21, 2019

Office Snapshots online magazine shares the most beautiful office layouts around the world. This week, the premises of the FoodChéri start-up featured in the online magazine. Completely renovated and designed by Factory, the offices are now friendly, trendy and particularly functional.

Offices “just like at home”

FoodChéri has opted for spacious premises located in the 11 th arrondissement of Paris to set up its head office there. The space has been completely reinvented in order to make it a work environment “like at home”, for the the well-being of the teams . Thus, there are open offices, sound-insulated glazed meeting rooms , brainstorming areas … But also a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy lounge. All embellished with plants and pop colors in shades of Klein blue, depending on the identity of the brand.

The relaxation area, central location for the Foodchéri premises

The “chill” area allows employees to relax in the sofas for a break. They can also share a moment of complicity around a game of table football. This multi-functional space is scalable, following the flex office approach. The rest of the day, employees wishing to work in a friendly environment come and settle there for less formal tasks.

A new pleasant place to live to recruit the best talents

Thanks to premises completely updated and adapted to the needs of the teams, the latter will benefit from a serene setting for more well-being at work . flexibility being at the heart of the project, employees will be able to work in project mode more easily in dedicated rooms. The FoodChéri startup will thus gain in productivity . In addition, it will attract the best talents who promote offices that are pleasant to live in on a daily basis.

To find out more about the FoodChéri premises development project, discover the business case online on our site and the Office Snapshots article on this subject.

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