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The reveal of the new concept Piadina France

published on May 4, 2020

Factory was chosen to set up and adapt La Piadineria, an Italian “fast-casual” restaurant concept, on the French market. After nearly 200 openings in Italy, it is now developing its French concept under the La Piadina brand. French Food Capital was chosen as the reference partner to develop it. The firm is now celebrating its 4 th opening: La Piadina Carré Sénart.

Adapting to the French market

The project started with a detailed analysis of the Italian and French markets. The exploration of major trends has highlighted the need to offer a more premium and modern place to promote adaptation in France, while keeping the richness of Italian culture and food.

Our goal is to provide consumers with a unique experience by placing the brand, its philosophy and its history at the center of the customer journey. All the graphic design has been chosen with a view to highlighting the richness of the Italian products, the authentic, traditional and rustic side of the brand.

Concept development

It was essential to develop a visual concept placing the product in the center of the place. The keywords that guided the development of the graphic language were fresh, home-made, gourmet and traditional. Several elements have been made in this direction: on the posters, we find the list of all the ingredients as well as their origins. The product is visible everywhere: on hand painted frescoes, on large wall posters. The traditional side is reflected in the choice of visuals, especially in the black and white posters of an Italian grandfather, as a symbol of transmission. The artistic direction of the brand’s photo shoots has also been entrusted to us to bring a touch of freshness to the place.

Finally, a more educational dimension is found in all the informative signage. We import a product that the French do not know, and which must therefore be explained. We have therefore developed a glossary poster, flyers and menus.

A collaboration

At Factory, creativity is essential to transpose the identity of our clients into an iconic and differentiating space. Our methodology favors a design towards the final feasibility of the project and the respect of the given constraints. We had to adapt to an already existing architectural design, working in close collaboration with Italian architects. A number of constraints arose (height of the walls over 3m, predefined plans, etc.) to which we had to adapt.

A challenge raised for Factory, which takes pleasure in seeing the franchise develop with this 4 th opening in Ile-de-France.

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